In this period we have understood the importance of supports dedicated to maintaining physical distance in order to protect every professional and employee from Covid-19.

We have selected some useful products for you to counter the spread of the virus within the workplace.


With over 60 years of experience in the industrial furniture sector, we offer 4 solutions for work activities, useful for reducing potential contagion opportunities:


Paraphytic barrier: indispensable tool to prevent contact with the breath and with the droplets of saliva (droplet) of the people with whom you come into contact.


Column: sanitizing gel dispenser holder for hands. Stable and resistant, made of sheet metal.


Dirty / clean locker rooms: they have an individual compartment divided into two sectors, one for dirty clothes and the other for clean ones. Through this division there is no promiscuity between work clothes and clean clothes.


Dining room furnishings: they will allow you to avoid crowds of people within your commercial spaces. These are ready-to-use products, with predefined graphics and printed in high definition.

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