A large number of consumers make their purchasing decisions directly at the point of sale.


It is therefore essential that this space is attractive and functional in order to respond to this need. One of the best ways to create an attractive sales space is to use equipment that fosters interaction with consumers and ensures maximum efficiency for the operator.


Our sales counters, divided into modular and equipped to offer the most suitable solution for your needs.



The tops of these counters are available in gray plastic laminate or black rubber, both edged in black PVC. The structures and drawers are in epoxy-polyester powder coated sheet metal. The back counters can be equipped with adjustable shelves and drawers.


These benches are made for warehouses or for tool storage, they are composed using the tool cabinets and some additional components. The tops are made of MDF with an oil resistant rubber cover.

Equipped with an anti-overturning device and a lock with simultaneous closing of all the drawers, they have an upper surface capacity of 80 kg. The drawers slide on 100% extraction guides and a capacity of up to 70 kg. of the slotted longitudinal separators and smooth transversal separators.

Our sales counters are dedicated to various kinds of shops, hardware stores, spare parts sector operators and warehouses.


TECNOTELAI's design team will work by your side to develop sales counters optimized for effective communication and customer involvement.

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