A company that forgets that it is part of a more complex whole cannot have a vision of the reality in which it lives and operates.

The ability to inform, transparency and involvement in the social, cultural and economic fabric of the community are the fundamental principles that govern Tecnotelai's relationship with society.

Collaboration with non-profit organizations, associations and institutions is an integral part of Tecnotelai's sustainable development strategy, which aims to develop valuable relationships based on trust with the various stakeholders, recognizing their right to be heard and undertaking to provide reports on corporate activities and decisions.

Among the associations we support is "I Bambini delle Fate" and in particular their project with the social cooperative "I Frutti dell'Albero".

"I Bambini delle Fate" is responsible for ensuring financial support for social inclusion projects and paths managed by local partners aimed at improving the lives of families experiencing the challenge of autism and disability.

"I Frutti dell'Albero" is a non-profit social cooperative that takes care of autistic children or those with encephalopathic disorders who need "tutors" and dedicated therapeutic pathways. With the support of psychologists who allow them to achieve the greatest possible degree of autonomy and are supportive of families. In addition to this, the cooperative is working on the construction of a reception center for disabled children, a suitable and comfortable environment for the development of the various growth paths.

Since 2022 Tecnotelai has shared with the FAI the mission of recovering and protecting the landscape and the artistic, natural and cultural heritage of our country.

Pastures and stretches of coast, castles and historic houses, parks and gardens, villas and abbeys. But also small treasures to protect that preserve the memory and tell the identity of a territory and of those who live there.

The company has therefore decided to support this prestigious Fund.

The maintenance of the landscape and of the built heritage, which often takes the form of very minimal and economically accessible care and prevention activities, is undoubtedly the most effective strategy for preventing the occurrence of irreparable damage, for postponing onerous and invasive interventions and for avoid unnecessary substitutions.

Doing little and often, repairing and not replacing, taking care of where we live and what we have on a daily basis: simple, practical and common-sense attention which contributes to guaranteeing the conservation of FAI assets.

Another beautiful initiative with a strong international dimension took shape in the last months of 2021 and materialized at the beginning of 2022 when our company decided to support a fantastic project supported by the non-profit organization APIS FOR THE Savio Junior boys HOSTEL in India.

The association informed us that the home of the younger children was seriously damaged and in need of immediate renovation for which there was a lack of sufficient funds necessary to add toilets, dormitories and everything essential to guarantee them an adequate situation.

A small gesture that has filled our hearts with joy and that we will follow in its evolution to make our presence felt in a real and continuous way.

Others are the initiatives that our company, in order to be of support to the community that surrounds us in a concrete and effective way on an extemporaneous basis throughout the year through donations of technical material such as office or industrial furniture to non-profit associations local profit.

We will mention some of them so that the reader can have knowledge of them and possibly do his small part:

  • PAM public assistance Monterenzio