We are a family business engaged in the industrial furniture sector.

Reliability, Honesty, Respect, Integrity and Responsibility are essential values that for over 60 years we have been committed to transfer to the territory that houses us.

For us, doing business means doing it responsibly because we are aware that all our choices, our decisions, our daily actions involve our collaborators, our customers, our suppliers and the territory in which we operate.

Respect for the environment and the planet that houses us is another perspective that distinguishes the company's work.

Through targeted actions we sensitize our employees to the “3R” principle (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).


The commitment to reduce waste is a constant and requires the active participation of the entire staff.

In addition to recycling, which has now become a consolidated practice, obtained through a strong awareness of our staff combined with the use of specific containers for individual waste, we have reduced the use of plastic bottles for mineral water.

In fact, a microfiltered water dispenser was made available to all employees.


Sensitivity to the responsible use of energy is a further company goal, which, through monitoring the main sources of consumption, has made possible to define room for improvement achieved through investments in energy saving.

The conversion from the traditional lighting technology to advanced LED systems has allowed an over 60% reduction in energy consumption.


With regard to our daily work, we focused our attention on eliminating the use of highlighters and markers.

Most of these products are in fact made up of volatile organic solvents that are toxic by inhalation or by skin contact and packaged with plastics that cannot be recycled.

Tecnotelai has therefore decided to make a further small gesture in favour of the environment by replacing these products with special ecological highlighter pencils.


An often overlooked contribution that plays a pivotal role in every company was brought in the ICT department.


Great attention was also paid to the logistics/warehouse department in which we took the following measures aimed at an implemented environmental sustainability.