The pallet rack series are a particular type of metal shelving that have their main strengths in modularity and robustness.


They are used in storage and distribution to organize large pallets or containers. They have a modular structure with vertical sections to create multiple levels of storage.


They provide efficient stock control and being adaptable to multiple needs of space, weight or size, they are absolutely combinable with other racks for manual picking operations. Versatility and easy maintenance complement a wide range of accessories for the safe storage of any type of load.


Tecnotelai shelving in 3.1 certified steel sheet, thanks to a particular four-way upright, allows customization that cannot be achieved with traditional structures. Tecnotelai products are of modern conception and of first choice in materials and certified according to all the reference and current regulations of the sector, product and safety.


Thanks to their functionality, aesthetics and their completeness of range they are the ideal solution for warehouses, offices, shops, where they are able to integrate perfectly with the existing context.

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