Industrial work stools are indispensable tools in terms of functionality and working comfort and to limit the damage connected to a daily work standing up or leaning on unsuitable structures.

Time spent at work includes many hours of each employee's day who, if using a tool that is not suited to the job, risks causing physical damage from incorrect posture and lack of concentration.

The safe and stable structure and the comfortable and ergonomic seat of our work stools allow you to maintain a healthy posture and freedom of movement.

There are different types: swivel or fixed, with or without a backrest, the choice of a model whose seat is really comfortable is fundamental.

These stools are the most practical solution especially for those who alternate operations to be carried out standing up with others where sitting is more functional, therefore there is a continuous getting up and sitting down to adapt to the activity of the moment.

Which stool to choose?

Here are the key features that a functional stool should have:

• Height adjustment: essential so that people of different heights do not sit on a model that is too low or too high which could lead to incorrect and, in the long run, painful postures.

• Ensure optimal freedom of movement, making it quick and easy to get on and off

• The seat must have the correct hardness

• The shape of the stool must follow the ergonomics of the person's body, so as to be a valid and comfortable support.

Polyurethane stools are a key product for workshops and laboratories

Light products, not bulky, with a modern design and above all comfortable and functional.

For these characteristics, a polyurethane solution can be considered among the most advantageous.

Ideal for laboratories, production departments and assembly lines, supermarket checkouts, workshops, but also for clean rooms, medical centers and production departments of any company.

Our work stools are also available in different materials and with different characteristics to satisfy every need of our customers.


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