Managing your warehouse inventory is one of the many challenges you face along the supply chain.

One of the main challenges is limited space.


The limit is represented, in particular, by the congestion of the handling of articles / products which causes extra work in moving goods for which there is no space.


For example; you have to move "Product A" to extract another "Product B". If you do not apply a picking process, with the use of well-organized equipment, you begin to occupy goods in the spaces not used for the purpose.

Examples of badly occupied spaces can be corridors of personal or vehicle passage, areas set up for other processes in the supply chain, (for example free space for new incoming material).


The causes that lead to the exhaustion of spaces may concern both the lack of adequate equipment, and the limitation of procurement processes, as well as external causes.

•   Business is booming. The products are hot: they are selling! People buy the product quickly, so you need more.

•   The purchasing department supplies in excess. You decide you only need two months of inventory, but the purchases get a great price and they buy for six months.

•   Another reason is obsolete or dead inventory: inventory that doesn't rotate. The goods / products should be moved somewhere to a less congested point, or even to use additional outdoor spaces.


A distribution center therefore becomes technically exhausted when it reaches approximately 85% of its occupancy, not only in the storage area but also for the reception, shipping and all other areas included in the process.


How can the use of warehouse space be maximized?

1. Extending your racking vertically and optimizing flows

2. Expand the storage areas


1. Evaluate if you can extend the racks vertically by optimizing flows

The expansion of equipment (by adding vertical profiles on pallet racking or manual picking racks) used for storage may be the quickest solution to correctly occupy the spaces for handling items.

You can use the space you didn't think you had, taking advantage of the warehouse layout, to optimize the loading and picking times of goods; the pallet racking or manual picking racks allow you to manage this flow

A preliminary check by specialized technicians will be able to support you in the best solution whether it is an expansion or revision of your Supply.


2. Consider installing a mezzanine

Another solution to increase the space is to add a mezzanine. The installation of this type of structure can almost double the space of the storage areas. The creation of the mezzanine involves some more specific checks such as the load / capacity of the floor or the opening of procedures with local authorities for staff safety.


The solutions may be different but the most correct choice exists.


Tecnotelai is at your side to provide it.

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