Industrial cabinets are the ideal technical solution to make the workshop, the technical department and any workplace where storage needs are safe and efficient. They represent the best choice for tidying up and storing not only objects and equipment in a suitable place, but also manuals and documents.


Keeping your workstation tidy optimizes the time spent in work activities, reducing the time spent searching for the necessary tools. With an organized space it will be possible to find objects more easily and make time more efficient.


The range of industrial cabinets proposed by Tecnotelai meets any customer need thanks to the wide choice of models and sizes. The different formats and configurations allow you to easily adapt the industrial cabinets according to the space and activity they are required to satisfy.


Designed mainly for mechanical workshops, industrial cabinets are suitable for use in different types of production activities: tools, hardware, article retailers, industrial companies, manufacturing companies and corporate warehouses.


For a personalized space management, able to offer multiple storage solutions for the different types of products, it is possible to accessorize the industrial cabinets with additional shelves, drawers (in sheet metal or plastic) and small parts holders, bases with wheels, etc ...

The cabinets are made of high-grade steel sheet and powder coated, and with technical characteristics that make them suitable for withstanding intensive use.


Our goal is to configure modules and components that allow you to create functional work solutions that respect and optimize space management, improve the manufacturing process and ensure the correct conservation of material, goods and equipment.


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