What is a Cantilever?


The cantilever is a type of shelving that makes resistance one of its main qualities and makes it suitable for the storage of products with significant lengths and considerable weight that cannot be contained inside the pallets.


A cantilever is often used to store load units such as pipes, boards, profiles, laminates, beams and more generally for long loads.


Using a structure such as the Cantilever, the handling of goods is facilitated by the presence of cantilevered supports and the absence of front uprights.

When is it convenient to mount a cantilever?

Cantilever is used by companies and producers working in very different sectors. It can be an ideal solution for hardware and tools that need to store wooden beams or other materials. Another application is in the mechanical sector to work iron and aluminum bars or in construction for the storage of pipes. Cantilevers can also be used for the storage of large paper rolls or ceramic sheets.

To choose the right industrial shelving, it is necessary to consider factors such as the load unit, the environmental conditions of the warehouse and the lifting means that will be used to move the loads.

Therefore, the cantilever system is particularly practical when the need arises to store the load in a horizontal position on the "arms" of the shelving and with the help of front forklifts.

Why choose a cantilever?

There are several advantages to using cantilever shelving, especially over floor stacking

• Allows you to store materials and goods of special dimensions.

• It is the most practical solution for the storage of long items.

• It is durable and versatile.

• Keeps inventory items off the floor, limiting the risk of damage caused by forklift collision and reducing the accumulation of dust on these items.

• Small footprint in modern warehouses to maximize available floor space by increasing warehouse storage capacity, reducing the footprint of storage solutions.

• Easy to install and reconfigure.

• No vertical obstructions. Cantilever arms are unobstructed vertically, allowing materials to be stacked at the required height. This also increases visibility under overhead lighting systems and provides greater access to fire suppression systems.

• Increase worker productivity by simplifying the storage and retrieval process, saving time and money.

Can it be used in warehouses arranged outside or uncovered?

The assembly of a cantilever has no preclusions between the inside or the outside of a storage structure. A significant advantage for example in the construction sector or ceramic production.

The choice of the right finish to protect the structure is essential in case of outdoor installation.

To improve storage and picking efficiency in case your company deals with goods of great length, it is possible to install a cantilever.

For the different storage needs, TECNOTELAI offers different types of cantilever shelving:





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