Vertical trolleys are essential tools for companies and offices that can offer a lot of benefits with a complete transversal use.

The products can have different characteristics from each other.

The function of vertical trolleys is to greatly simplify the transport of goods and be used to move heavy loads within corporate and commercial spaces or to comfortably manage packages during a move.

The manual trolleys are robust, resistant and suitable for transport in various sectors. Depending on the model and storage capacity, they can be used for delivery and unloading of goods, for warehouse and logistics, but also for archiving and moving documents in the office.

Below are the various models available in the catalog and the useful main applications for buying one:

- Stairclimber trolleys: allow you to move loads up stairs very comfortably.

These products offer the best handiness, in order to face any activity with maximum comfort and safety. This kind of trolley ensures maximum safety and there is no risk of slipping or other types of accidents.

- Two-wheeled handtruck: ideal for transporting packages, sacks, boxes and barrells.

- Cylinder trucks: suitable for the most delicate movements. They are the ideal solution for handling cylinders with maximum safety. The cylinder trolleys are equipped with chains or blocks that hold the cylinders firmly to the frame without the risk of falling. These trolleys can also move several cylinders at the same time with maximum safety.




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