Tecnotelai firmly believes in building the group within the work environment, to improve company performance through increased mutual knowledge.
Knowing how to work together is a prerequisite, but not always easy to apply. The delicate work balances between colleagues are often put to the test by factors such as stress, new roles, lack of motivation, but also by an excess of zeal.

This year, in order to develop a greater orientation towards collaboration and communication and to increase personal ties, which more than anything else contribute to the success of a team, we have organized three days dedicated to the kitchen, in collaboration with the training institution “ A Scuola di Gusto". The participants had the opportunity to try their hand at traditional Bolognese recipes, wisely guided by the experience of a "sfoglina" and to learn the rules of a kitchen brigade, within which communication is the master.

A high spirit of sharing, combined with irony and a pinch of healthy competition have guided the participants who have thus had the opportunity to meet colleagues working daily in different business areas, working together to achieve the goal set.

Have a look at the pictures! 

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