A fundamental element for most workstations is certainly the seat: stool, chair or armchair.

Choosing the right seat is very important to reduce fatigue, stress and to counteract pain and problems that can arise by holding the same posture for long periods of time; it is also essential, however, to choose the most suitable product for the type of work, for greater efficiency and to ensure maximum possible safety.

The ESD stool, for example, in addition to being a comfortable and practical item thanks to its padding and polyurethane foam covering, is above all a safe product: as it is antistatic, in fact, it reduces the risk of accidents at work by its ability to guide static electricity that can build up on the surface to the ground.

Both the seat and the backrest are adjustable, to allow the seat to adapt in the best possible way to the posture of the user; it is revolving, with a metal base with 5 spokes and antistatic hard plastic wheels, conductive and with brakes.


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