ESD protection is very important in the electronics industry for manufacturing, repairing, testing and any electronic related work.

Primarily, ESD solution guides static electricity to the ground safely.

The workbench is widely used in the electronics industry because it is the most widely used equipment in electrical component assembly. That is why the workbench's static electricity guidance is one of the critical elements for any ESD protected area that can be provided by the ESD workbench.

Why shouldn't we use a conductive workbench to guide static electricity to the ground?

- The conductive surface will short out any connection making circuit operation and testing impractical.

- The conductive surface will provide a low impedance discharge path which will result in a very rapid discharge, resulting in the flow of high currents and possible damage to circuitry.

- Another reason for having a high resistance dissipative surface rather than a fully conductive surface is that of safety. If high voltage is present in a system, accidental contact with a conductive work surface and high voltage source can be dangerous. Consequently, safety precautions require the use of a high resistance dissipative surface.

The key to ESD workbench operation is the surface of the bench.

Since static electricity can build up anywhere on the workbench, it is essential that the entire work surface of the bench be static dissipative. Both electronic assemblies and instruments can be placed here, shelves must be part of the ESD protected area. Also, if tools are placed on a non-ESD dissipative surface, attract static electricity, and are used to work on an electronic assembly, the chances of damage will increase.

Table top

The table top is the most used work surface on a workbench. And most ESD benches will be used with soldering jobs; therefore it requires the worktops not only to be static dissipative but also to be fireproof.

In conclusion, using an appropriate ESD workbench is the call of the day and there should be no compromises in this reference. To that end, our BA150GC ESD Bench is outstanding as it meets the demands of the modern world.

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