VERTICAL PACK TROLLEYS are traditionally used to move stable materials, such as boxes, in order to facilitate any manual lifting and transport.

There are some precautions in using this practical and intuitive tool in order to avoid the most common dangers associated with it:

- Fingers and hands can get caught between the trolley and fixed objects such as a wall, corner, barricade or rack.

- Feet can be crushed by trolley wheels or falling materials.

- Vertical trolleys, if not used correctly on steep slopes or on uneven ground, can pose a risk of slipping and falling, while hand trolleys not stored in a safe way represent a tripping hazard for those in the area of work.

For these reasons, before using any vertical trolley, do a quick inspection before loading materials onto it.

A well-constructed, well-maintained and correctly loaded vertical pack trolley will greatly reduce physical stress and the risk of accidents.


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