E210 swivel small parts shelf is the ideal solution for storing small components.

Essential during the preparation of orders thanks to its fast and orderly storage, it is a very versatile furnishing product, which can be placed in different working environments, from the warehouse to the workshop, but also in shops.

It is equipped with a fixed metal sheet base and has 66 + 6 boxes of mm 35/235 L x 175 D x 125 H suitable for spare parts, screws, bolts or other small objects, making it particularly appropriate in kanban processes for speed of availability of the goods and an easy manual picking thanks to the rotation of the structure and the reduced space it occupies.

The storage shelf is a must-have piece of furniture for design studios, assembly lines, warehouses, logistics depots and all those environments that work and manage small parts and small components which, thanks to the specific boxes, can optimize work times and reduce the risk of lose products or get injured by scattered objects.

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