Big bags in polypropylene fabric are the perfect storage and transport system for large quantities of substances and materials.

They are equipped with 4 polypropylene tape straps inserted along the vertical seams, which allow the bag to be attached to a special, stackable, carbon steel container with an electro-welded mesh bottom.

Big bags are anti-bulging sacks designed to recover loading spaces and overcome logistical problems, which measure 900L x 900P x 1200H and have a total candy-shaped upper opening, closed bottom and A4 document pocket.

They represent the optimal solution for the containment of compact materials such as bricks, tiles and tools, but also for powdery substances such as gravel, sand and micro granules of natural or synthetic origin, such as feed and fertilisers.

This makes them extremely versatile and suitable for multiple sectors, such as agricultural, food, chemical, construction, but also for valid and conscious separate waste collection: the ideal product in all those situations where practical, well organised and safe storage is required. 

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