The professional tool bench BT1000GB by Tecnotelai was created for a better rationalization of the workplace, thanks to the combination of the strength of the sheet metal structure and the practicality of the wooden top.

The 1500 x 750 x 900 mm structure is entirely made of 15/10 thick sheet steel and is supported on one side by 2 sturdy legs equipped with welded plates for anchoring to the floor and on the other side by a drawer unit with 6 drawers, with 1 shaped and reinforced undertop. It has a capacity of 800 Kg.

The wooden top is made with Tanganyika walnut veneer and edged in bahia walnut with a thickness of 40 mm and a radius of 5.

The practical drawer unit for storing tools, in 10/10 steel sheet, is equipped with a lock with simultaneous closure of all the drawers, a body with lateral, upper and lower holes for fixing to the tops and undercoats. The drawers have a front height of mm. 70, 140 and 210, slide on simple guides with ball bearings and are designed with slotted walls for the insertion of slotted longitudinal and smooth transversal separators. 

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