The range of industrial cabinets manufactured by Tecnotelai satisfies each customer’s need with a wide choice of models and dimensions.
The different sizes and arrangements allow adapting industrial cabinets to the space or activity where they are placed.
Principally designed for mechanical workshops, industrial cabinets can be used for different manufacturing activities: metalware stores, retailers, industrial companies, manufacturing companies and warehouses. For a customized space management it is possible to accessorize industrial cabinets with additional shelves, drawers and tool holders, bases with wheels, etc…

Models of Industrial cabinets

The collection of industrial cabinets suggested by Tecnotelai includes various models, specifically studied to enhance and optimize working space where they are placed. Here some examples:

  • Multipurpose Industrial cabinets
    Multipurpose industrial cabinets are one-piece structure made of first grade cold pressed steel thickness 8/10. Tecnotelai suggests two versions of multipurpose industrial cabinets. They characterized the sharing of internal spaces: with four adjustable shelves or compartment door with broom. Multipurpose cabinets are available in standard colour RAL 7038, for both the frames and the doors, and they are coated with epoxy powder.
  • Industrial cabinets for outdoors
    The Company produces multipurpose galvanized industrial cabinets for outdoors, made of first grade stainless steel thickness 6-7/10. To grant a bigger lifespan these industrial cabinets are realized with paint treatment on galvanized sheet (biplasticized); the outdoor use is granted by a sloped hat rack and by the base recessed into the sides with watersealed function. Back panels of cabinets for outdoors have ventilation slots and adjustable internal shelves. The doors are reinforced and fitted with a lock. Also this model of industrial cabinet is available in two versions: with shelves and with compartment door with broom.
  • Tool-holder Industrial cabinets
    Tool-holder industrial cabinets are one-piece structure, with hinged doors, lock with beams and closure in three points. The standard colour of these industrial cabinets is RAL 7035 for frames and doors, but you can choose on-demand the green RAL 6011. Inside the tool-holder cabinets it is possible to put zinc shelves and drawers to be equipped. They have perforated sides and telescopic rails. The capacity of industrial cabinets for outdoors is 800 kg. And you need to fix them to the floor.
  • Tool-holder cabinets
    Tool-holder cabinets, one piece-structure, are made of first grade steel thickness 8/10 cold moulded and shaped. Tool-holder cabinets can be equipped with metal sheet or plastic drawers, accessorized with movable separators and with labels in white cardboard with transparent PVC. The plastic drawers can be green or transparent.
  • Tool-containers cabinets
    As the tool-holder cabinets, also tool-containers industrial cabinets are made with first grade steel thickness 8/10 cold moulded and shaped. Also for industrial cabinets it is compulsory the fixing with two holes, without anchors. There are two models of containers for these industrial cabinets: in green polyethylene or in recycled polypropylene blue, green or red.
  • Computer Industrial cabinet
    To satisfy specific needs, Tecnotelai manufactures an industrial computer cabinet, with inside spaces optimized for the maximum employment functionality.
    Three main separated compartments make up this industrial cabinet: upper door for monitor in polycarbonate, central flap for keyboard and mouse and the lower part to contain CPU, printers and UPS. An air circulation fan provides the adequate ventilation of computer industrial cabinet with filter and vents in the back of the cabinets. The cabinet is equipped with electric system 3 position multiple socket with thermal switch and industrial type three-prong plug in the back. The compartments for monitor and keyboard are equipped with 2 sliding shelves on rails with bearings, removable and adjustable in height.

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