A company is a living organism and as such it tends to move and change, in line with what happens in the external environment. Strengthened by this certainty, Tecnotelai has decided to carry out a highly innovative project in the high-end design furniture sector with constancy and perseverance, setting up an ambitious and highly competitive investment plan both in economic terms and in human capital: UNICA.

Creative Spin Off of Tecnotelai, UNICA is a brand devoted to the art of furnishing, which places the artistic manufacturing of glass and metal as core business.

The furnishings created by the Research and Development department are artistic objects, able of giving magic to the exclusive environments that host them. 100% MADE IN ITALY lines that blend artisan artistic experiences with the skills of internationally renowned designers.

UNICA has decided to use only sustainable materials such as glass, wood and stainless steel, that wisely blend with precious metals such as gold, copper and silver, in addition to natural stones, and Swarovski crystals. The concept behind UNICA is based on emotion interpreted as the excitement of seeing, living and touching objects containing a soul within them.