Every company should provide its employees with archive cabinets.

The usage of working spaces in the office and the operative modality have been changed with the times, determining a transformation of the furniture typology through a revision able to make them in step with the needs.

The main advantages of a good archiving system are multiple.   

Lockers are multi-compartment cabinets, adjustable and available in different sizes. They are equipped with a locking system with key or with numerical combination, inside them it is possible to store the personal belongings such as bags, helmets, wallets or any other small-size item. 

Having a personal space to store the personal belongings allow the employees to protect their own goods and keep the mess out the workstations. Usually the workers are afraid to let unattended their own goods without safety as it happens with regular non-secured cabinets.

Individual archiving and collective archiving are both physical characteristics important within a working place. It has been demonstrated that a well-designed working environment can increase the staff involvement and its productivity. Also it may help with the acquisition and fidelity of the new employees. The right archiving space can even support smart-working activities and the office organization. 

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